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Strudel: Die Kreativtät des Chaos

Poster and Booklet

Inspired by the phenomenon called ‘whirling waves’ occurs in Naruto Strait, I designed the poster and booklet of the lecture which comprehending human’s growing by relating ‘vortex’.

The organizer of this lecture told, ‘When we try to start a new thing, chaos dominates us first. So I hope this lecture would be an opportunity for you to face chaos and grasp how it would be root of creation, which to say how it changes itself creation.’.

So I regarded chaos as black mainly and applied to the graphic which inspired by ‘whirling waves’ of Naruto. And then I designed invitations which looks 16-pages poster, I elaborated it looking like a simple black paper. So viewers would be able to experience chaos when they just opened it but gradually they would grasp the whole aspect of poster. This invitation leads them to chaos and the lecture which clears up what it is.

Type of work: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

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